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Cyto Forte capsules are the latest innovative drug against cystitis that consists only of herbal ingredients. The unique formula effectively combats acute and chronic forms of the disease, which has been confirmed by studies. The quality and safety of Cyto Forte as well as the environmental friendliness of the components are confirmed by the conformity and quality certificates indicated on the manufacturer's website. With the current promotion, you can order and buy the drug in Germany at a reduced price on the official website.

Unique effect of a drug

Almost every third woman in most countries in the world suffers from some form of cystitis, and Germany is no exception in these disappointing statistics.

Severe cystitis pain

This is mainly due to the structural features of the female body - a short and wide urethra favors the easy penetration of pathogenic bacteria.

Cystitis is an inflammation of the bladder lining caused by E. coli E. Coli. The disease is accompanied by extremely unpleasant symptoms:

Long-term research by leading scientists, doctors and pharmacists has made it possible to develop a unique composition exclusively from natural ingredients. The drug takes into account the anatomical structure and physiological characteristics of women, is suitable for ages 18-50, helps with acute and recurrent chronic forms of cystitis.

Cyto Forte Research

Cyto Forte cystitis drug has bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, regenerative and immune-stimulating effects. The active ingredient complex is characterized by its speed of action and digestibility. Already after the first use it provides noticeable relief after 17 minutes and does not cause any bacteria resistance. The absence of drug components allows the drug to be taken without consulting a doctor, long and physically painful queues for patients in the clinic, and also avoids hospital stays when conventional antibiotic therapy does not have any effect.

Cyto Forte capsules offer the following advantages:

Cyto Forte composition - only natural ingredients!

Composition of the Cyto Forte capsules

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The opinion of the doctor

Dr. urologist Günther Günther
22 years old
According to statistics, almost every third woman in Germany is confronted with such an unpleasant disease as cystitis. Traditionally, antibiotics have been used to treat that are addicting and have many side effects. In contrast, Cyto Forte capsules contain a complex of active plant substances that effectively kill bacteria and do not develop resistance. This cystitis drug has been clinically studied and has shown positive results 98% of the time.