Experience in the use of Cyto Forte

Experience with Cyto Forte from Maria from Paris

Feedback on taking Cyto ForteI bought Cyto Forte capsules on the recommendation of my friend who, like me, often suffered from cystitis. Previously, the same regimen of treatment was prescribed over and over again: antibiotics, herbal supplements, anticonvulsants, physiotherapy, etc. Also, many alternative treatments were tried. The result did not appear quickly, the constant pain drove me crazy, the expectation of the result got on my nerves. And so I tried it and didn't regret it!

Where can I buy this medicine for cystitis?

I bought with delivery from the official website to avoid overloading and I received the original. The process is very simple: fill in the order form, the operator will call you back and confirm the order and the delivery time at the specified time when you will meet the courier.

How do I take the drug?

Application: The application scheme is also very simple: With the worsening of chronic cystitis, I drank 1 capsule in the morning and in the evening for a month. I felt the result the next morning - the pain disappeared and I breathed freely.

For six months I have not remembered this illness, which for three years remembered itself every 2-3 months. I plan to spend another course on drinks to solidify the result for good. Long live life without a bladder infection!