Reviews Cyto Forte

  • Petra
    For 4 years I have suffered from a chronic form of cystitis. During the last exacerbation, my sister advised the drug Cyto Forte - the next day after taking it, the pain and cramps stopped!
    Cyto Forte
  • Gisela
    After the hypothermia, I encountered cystitis for the first time, the peak of the pain on Friday evening - the clinic was already closed. On the Internet I found reviews of Cyto-Forte capsules, ordered them and on Saturday evening I forgot about the pain. Recommend!
    Cyto Forte
  • Karin
    Cyto Forte is an excellent herbal analog of antibiotics for treating cystitis with no side effects! For almost a year now, I have not remembered the worsening cystitis!
    Cyto Forte
  • Sabine
    She suffered from chronic cystitis for several years until a new young therapist recommended Cyto Forte capsules. I drank the course, the result appeared on the evening of the first day of admission, I have not remembered exacerbations for six months. I recommend!
    Cyto Forte
  • Ursula
    For a week I suffered from pain and burning sensation with recurrence of the bladder infection, conventional antibiotics did not help. The pharmacist in the pharmacy advised Cyto Forte on herbal basis, dared to try it and did not regret it. The next day I forgot the pain!
    Cyto Forte
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